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Name Change Procedure Consultants in India is a portal and providing guidance for change of name or correction of name legally any part or all of your name.  Our object is providing legal services in preparing related documents and affidavits to our clients who wish to change their names or make corrections in their existing name to publish in government official gazette.

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Reasons to Change of Name

To change name for any other purpose or reason that you must need a legal document that provides evidence showing that you have changed your name legally, that it will allow you  to get the name change or make corrections  on your ID Proofs, School Records, Certificates, Property Documents and other related documents.  The Legal documentary evidence generally it is called as Government Official Gazette.  There may be number of reasons to change name or making corrections in the existing name such as horoscope, numerology, latest trends and/or may any other reasons.   Similarly regarding correction of name of wrongly written or entered in school records due to parental mistake and in ID Proofs such as PAN Card, Voter ID, Passport, Aadhar Card, Driving License, Bank Account, Ration Card, Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate, Pension Payment Order, Property Documents, Insurance Policy, change of name after adoption, surname change for women after marriage, change of name after religion change  or any other reasons such as spelling mistakes, typographical mistakes,  the procedure and process  is same for Changing of Name or correction of name. To make corrections by rectify these type of mistakes you will be asked to produce any documentary evidence by the authorities concerned.

Solution to Change Name

So apply for Government Official Gazette Notification is the only solution to fulfill. Gazette Notification is a legal document providing by government to recognize officially of your change of name by abandoning the use of your old name.  After obtaining Gazette Notification you may apply to authorities concerned to include your new name by replacing your old name in all your ID Proofs and any other related documents according to the gazette publication.  It is very important to keep your Gazette Notification permanently for safe side because of proving your identity in the future whenever and wherever it will be applicable and it is very much need.  Only citizen of India can apply to change his/her name or making corrections if any in the existing name to Gazette of India or can also apply to their respective State Government Official Gazette according to respective process and procedure.

For approach Legal Solution

This Name Change Procedure Consultants portal is a path gathering and displaying the information of Legal Practitioners and Lawyers who are providing legal services in making related documents, self declaration affidavits and other related documents for Changing of Name in all their respective States in India for the convenient of people for inquiry to approach them.

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