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Change of Name Procedure in Passport

Name Change Procedure in Passport - To Change of Name or make corrections of existing name in Passport are two categories viz., Change of Name in general for male and female and Change of Name or Surname Change for Women after marriage as stated below:

  • To change name or to make corrections in existing name in Passport according to the procedure and process as stated in Passport of India web portal is first prepare a Sworn Affidavit/Deed Poll under Annexure-E format in minimum value of non-judicial stamp paper by stating your name, father's name, age, occupation and address, reason to change or reason to make corrections to change name in passport duly Notarize from Notary Public and subsequently give Change of Name Ad in two leading newspapers i.e., in Local Newspaper and National Newspaper,  prior to that better to get a gazette publication. Submit Affidavit, two newspaper ad pages to passport authorities. Down Load :  Annexure-E Affidavit
  • To change name or surname change after marriage for women in passport according to the process and procedure stated in Indian Passport web portal is prepare an affidavit in Annexure-D format in minimum value of non-judicial stamp paper by giving all your personal details and a joint photograph of the couple is to be pasted on the bottom left hand side of the affidavit paper and attested by the Judicial Magistrate or Executive Magistrate/Notary Public with his/her signature and rubber stamps (half on the photograph and half on the affidavit), declaration in the format above to be ignored by applicants who seek endorsement of name of spouse in respect of reissue of a previously issued passport. if a joint photograph cannot be affixed, then affidavit should indicate the reason why it cannot be affixed. Download:     Annexure-D Affidavit

Apply for Gazette Publication to change name as you wish or make corrections in the existing name whether spelling mistakes or prefix or suffix to the existing name and correction of surname if any.  After getting Gazette Publication Copy, to change name  or make corrections in the existing name  the procedure and requirements are: ​Attach Gazette Publication Copy.  Other formalities you may get from Passport Website. 

For Legal Procedure yo Change or correct name in PassportName Change Procedure in Passport



Name Change Procedure in Passport