Correction of Name

Name Change Consultants is a portal giving detailed guidance for Correction of Name Procedure in ID Proofs such as Aadhar Card PAN Card Bank Account Voter ID PPO Birth Certificate Passport Driving License EPF Educational Certificates and other documents  – If your name or your father’s name, mother’s name or your children names written or entered wrongly in school records, college records or in ID Proofs or in other documents, the solution is to rectify these errors by making corrections legally through publishing in Government Official Gazette. The procedure to correct these names is some what different from change of name procedure.

Right from the beginning since your childhood days you should maintain your name, your surname and mother’s name or father’s name and/or husband’s name for women individuals  and  wife’s name for men should be same and similar till completion of studies in your educational certificates, Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate and in your ID Proofs such as Passport, PAN Card, Voter ID, Driving Licence  and in other related documents if any. But in some cases by parental mistake or by any other reasons the name or surname may not written/entered properly in educational certificates or in ID Proofs etc. For e.g. in 10th Class Memo the name printed with surname where as in Intermediate Certificate or Graduation Certificates the surname printed only with initial letter.  In the same manner in some documents the name may print with stands for letters and in some documents written with full name for e.g. K.V. Sirisha Rao  =  Konda Venkata Sirisha Rao.  This is not the proper way to write your name in educational certificates or in ID Proofs. In some cases there may be wrong entries not only your name but also your father or mother’s name and/or husband/wife’s name in the said documents.

To make corrections in your wrongly entered name or in your wrongly entered parents’ names in the above said documents Gazette Publication is the only solution to rectify the mistakes.  The Government of India has provided a relief and legal solution to rectify these types of mistakes through Publication of Gazette.

After getting Gazette Copy you may rectify all errors in your wrongly entered/printed name, father’s name, mother’s name, husband’s name or wife’s name  in  Passport, PAN Card, Aadhar Card, Voter ID, etc. No need of try to make corrections in your Educational Certificates and if necessary you may tag/enclose the gazette publication copy, the authorities concerned will automatically understand your’s is a correction of name or change of name.

VLN Legal Services is providing legal services and solution for preparation of related documents, affidavits etc., to process in getting Gazette Publication to rectify the mistakes in existing name or for change of name legally.

Required Documents

  • Request Letters to concerned officials
  • Police Verification Certificate
  • Annexure-II Application to MRO
  • 10th Class Memo
  • Date of Birth Proof for Minors
  • Other Educational Certificates if any
  • Affidavit in Rs.20/- Stamp Paper
  • Photographs
  • Specimen Publication Matter
  • Publication Fee by way of Demand Draft

Detailed Legal Procedure and Process click here  :  CORRECTION OF NAME PROCEDURE