Name Change Consultants in Telangana Warangal Karimnagar areas is providing guidance how to apply for name change in Karimnagar and Warangal and process for change of name legally in accordance with the guidelines of Telangana Gazette, subsequently procedure  and process to change your name in ID Proofs such as Aadhar Card, Passport, PAN Card, Voter ID, Bank Account, Property Documents, certificates and in other documents legally.   There are so many reasons in the society to change name, like changing their names as per horoscope, numerology, latest trends, and some other reasons. Making corrections in the existing name, father’s/mother’s/husband’s name in certificates, ID Proofs is somewhat different.   If your name entered wrongly, typographical errors or with spelling mistakes in ID Proofs, in school records may be due to parental mistake and or in some other reasons, the procedure in correcting names is also same as Change of Name. The Government of Andhra Pradesh is providing legal solution to change name or rectify the mistakes in existing name through publishing in official gazette of Telangana.

Name Change process & procedure divided as

  • Change of Name for Majors
  • Change of Name for Minors   
  • Surname change for women after marriage
  • Change of Name for State Government Employees  
  • Name Change after Religion Conversion
Procedure & process is three stages as prescribed below.

First Stage – Apply for Police Verification :

To start name change process in Telangana first apply for police clearance certificate, you should not involve in any criminal offences, registered or pending criminal cases in any court of law,  so police verification certificate is must to apply for Annexure-II Certificate to your local Tahsildar.  So you may approach to your nearest Police Station or Commissioner of Police by way of request letter along with self declaration affidavit in a Stamp Paper/Bond Paper duly notarize it,  all your ID Proofs such as Aadhar Card, Voter ID, Ration Card, PAN Card, Passport etc., and your educational certificates if any, recent passport size photo and process fee through E-seva or Mee Seva or by approach directly.  After thorough investigation the police officials will give Verification Certificate if you are fit.

Note: For minors who are above 10 years of age should also produce Police Verification to apply for Annexure-II Certificate.  For minors their parent or guardian should apply on behalf of minor.

Second Stage – Apply for Annexure-II Certificate :

In Telangana State after getting Police Verification Certificate, you apply for Annexure-II Certificate to your local Tahsildar in the form of Annexure-I Application by enclosing Affidavit duly notarize it, Police Verification Certificate, all your educational documents if any and all your ID Proofs such as Aadhar Card, Ration Card, Voter ID, Passport, PAN Card and recent passport size photograph etc.

The Tahsildar after thorough investigation on the basis of information available in the application furnished by you and after inquiry and on the basis of the information available on records he may give Annexure-II if you are fit.

Note: For minors their parent or guardian may apply on behalf of minor children in the form of Annexure-III Application.

Third Stage – Apply for Gazette Notification:

In Telangana in the process of name change procedure, after getting Certificate of Annexure-II from your local Tahsildar, finally apply for Gazette Notification along with Annexure-II Certificate, all your educational certificates, your ID Proofs such as Aadhar Card, Voter ID, Passport, PAN Card, passport size photo and process fee.  After scrutiny of all documents submitted by you and if your application is fit, the officials of Gazette will publish in Telangana Official Gazette,  After getting the Copy of Gazette, the process is completed.

Note: Gazette Notification is a legal document, but a certificate,  you may change your name in all your ID Proofs and other related documents by giving a copy of Gazette Notification by highlighting your name to the authorities concerned.  There is no provision to change your name in educational certificates and simply enclose copy of Gazette wherever necessary for further studies or jobs.

Name Change Procedure for State Government Employees

The Employees of State Government of Telangana may apply for changing of name directly to Gazette of Telangana along with self declaration affidavit approved by their superior authority along with two colleague witnesses, your ID Proofs, one photo and publication charges.

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