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Name Change Procedure for Women After Marriage

Name Change Procedure after marriage for women. In India since ancient days according to our different traditions and cultures the women renounce relinquish and abandon her maiden surname and in place thereof assumed her husband's surname after her marriage signifying the beginning of a new life by representing new identity. But it is not mandatory, it is your personal choice what you want your surname to be, whether using of your maiden name or your husband's surname or both. If you wish to continue using of your maiden name, no need of do anything for changing of name.Or if you decide to adopt your husband's surname, your marriage certificate is the documentary evidence to apply for changing of your maiden surname to your husband's surname, as his surname appears on marriage certificate. So better to get Marriage Certificate from authorities concerned after your marriage. It reflects the names and surnames of the couple. In some communities or regions in India women are generally adopting the name of her husband by suffixing to her name.


Inter Religion marriages may solemanized between existing religion spouse with other religion spouse. His/her marriage may perform with another religion wife/husband.  To fulfill formalities and religious customs In most of these types of cases before marriages either husband or wife may convert his/her religion by adopting husband's/wife's religion in the presence of their respective priest and at the same time the priest may mostly change his/her name according to respective religious customs.  So in these type of cases the women should legalize her new name proposed by respective priest and for that she must try for publish the new name in official gazette.


Now-a-days in married couples he/she when lost his-wife/her-husband i.e., after death of  spouse in any manner he/she may marry again to lead remaining life peacefully with new life partner.   It may be self decision, elders/close friends/well-wishers pressure or love affair marriage or arranged marriage. Here choosing life partner may be with his/her own caste or religion  OR  inter-caste or with other religion.   


Divorcee can remarriage after getting divorce decree from court. Divorce spouse due to some personal reasons or any other reasons the married couple may judicially separated/detached by divorce or mutual divorce through court of law.  In these cases also the spouse may wish to lead the remaining life with new life partner  by marry again. It is also may be self decision, elders/close friends/well-wishers pressure or love affair or arranged marriage.   In these type of cases the women mostly adopt the surname of husband or she may prefix or suffix her husband name to her name.   So she must try for Gazette Publication of her changing of name or surname.  She must legalize her new name.

In accordance with the above stated circumstances if you do not legalize your new name, you must understand that you can face the legal and social obligations of living with a new name. unless the changed name must be legally represented. But changing of name after marriage is not mandatory.  

After getting Official Gazette Publication Copy you may use your new name and you may change your name in ID Proofs such as PAN Card, Passport, Voter ID, Aadhar Card, Ration Card, Bank Accounts etc., by giving copy of Gazette to the concerned, but changing in educational certificates need not be necessary.  

The Process to change your name you may follow the procedure      Visit  :  CHANGE OF NAME PROCEDURE & PROCESS

Name Change for Minors:

To change the name or minors or to making corrections in their school records and other relevant documents, who is not completed 18 years of age should apply their parents.  The father or mother should give affidavit and other connected documents to publish in Gazette.

Change of Name after Religion Change:

In some cases, if a man or woman will convert from existing religion to some other religion before the priest of respective religion and at the same time the priest may mostly change his/her name according to respective religious customs, read more

Gazette Publication:

An official government journal containing government appointments, promotions, public notices and announcements etc., read more


For legal assistance to prepare Affidavits and other related documents to apply for Gazette for change or correction of names. Click on your category to fill-up the form and submit, we will prepare related documents basing on the information you provide in the respective form. Service Charges Rs.500/- for documentation.

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